Lion Hearts blogs I-IV

Added on: 02/07/2017 09:02 pm

Dear visiter,

please note that all my blogs about Rob Nanninga, up till now consisting of four parts, have been revised, expanded and published on Lion Hearts WordPress 2017.

Lion Hearts Part I: Rob Nanninga – Who took (t)his picture? Answered
Lion Hearts Part II: Lion, Where Are You?
Lion Hearts Part III: Rob Nanninga, The Lion
Lion Hearts Part IV: Lion Hearts

The first three blogs on this site do not reflect all the many form and content changes. I still have to decide if I will remove existing blogs on or replace them.

As I was establishing the most recent Part IV and decided to name it “Lion Hearts”, I decided to take it to WordPress as well. There, I have been able to make some real improvements on the overall presentation. Then moving the first three Rob Nanninga blogs to WordPress as well – which wasn’t at all hard to do, because my blogs were encoded with universal html – I did find they were not that compatible with this latest, most sophisticated (language, structure, etc.) blog up till now. Of course, my English improved some too (or so I hope) in the two year span between Part III, “Rob Nanninga, The Lion” and Part IV, “Lion Hearts”.

So, after publishing Lion Hearts Part IV on January 9, 2017, and letting it sit for a while, I concluded I had no choice then to continue working with the three earlier blogs, if I wanted this to be a coherent body. Early February 2017, I updated all three previous blogs, each blog was about a one day’s work. All have been revised in terms of content and appearance to adjust to the formatting of Part IV. I have taken the opportunity to do some serious language editing as well. “Contents”, “Footnotes”, more links and, where available, images of higher resolution and last but not least: substantial new content have been added to all parts now.

I am considering to publish this as a book in future (and so, yes, I expect to write some more parts).

Please make a lion or lioness jump to WordPress to read all these new versions. For the time being, until I decide how to proceed with the older versions on this website, I will add click-through links on the top of each (outdated) single blog as well.

I have to take into account that Google has been spidering the first three blogs on this website including all images and they have gained some noticable position on Google, so it wouldn’t be desirable to just remove them from this personal site, and I am not sure I want to: I would miss Rob on my site.

Thank you for understanding.

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