Behind The Scenes Of Robbert Van Den Broeke, Part IV (August 2018)

The Must-Read Part IV Of “Behind The Scenes Of Robbert Van Den Broeke”

Parameter - Gauge of pseudoscience and the paranormal

tl;dr New hate speeches by Robbert van den Broeke, now also in images and in sound, and again in word, prove that he himself was an important, or the most important, hate mailer and that there is no question of a hacker who hacked all his accounts , including Social Media. What’s really going on as far as Joran van der Sloot-Stan-Robbert van den Broeke are concerned is still unclear. Furthermore, with Stan’s help, Robbert is busy getting a foothold in America.




The final paragraph of my previous blog of August 12, 2017 indicates what an important part of that blog was about: the Robbert van den Broeke link, via Stan, to Joran van der Sloot / Natalee Holloway. Coincidentally, exactly one week later, on August 19, 2017, a high-profile crime documentary about Natalee Holloway would air:

But Stan was not addressed…

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