Steppin’ Out With My Baby 🕺 – Lion Hearts VI

Roar, just jumped online. With updates of 2018 and 2019!

Lion Hearts

Location: Another Davis, California
Date: Sunday, May 27, 2018

Rob, middle aged, and Constantia are in the kitchen in Another Davis. Rob wears his homely apron.
Rob says, "We're going to bake cookies for your birthday." Constantia: "But it's not my birthday." Rob: "I know that, but that doesn't matter."


Part I: “Steppin’ Out With My Baby, Can’t Go Wrong Cause I’m In Right”

Another Davis

Let’s get physical

On the crook side

Part II: Robs en Constantia’s Steppin’ Outs


OBEs and related experiences


Part I “Steppin’ Out With My Baby, Can’t Go Wrong Cause I’m In Right”

The slow-motion part, where the magic goes through the roof:

Steppin’ Out With My Baby, Easter Parade (film)

When I looked up the origin of this performance on 6 January 2019 and found Fred Astaire and this fantastic clip, I immediately knew that I had found my…

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