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Crop Circles 2020: Easton Clump, Nr Easton Royal, Wiltshire

Originally posted on Circular State of Mind:
A lovely formation has appeared in the heart of Wiltshire. More pictures over at Crop Circle Connector

Crop Circles 2020: May & June Review

Originally posted on Circular State of Mind:
June started to see a little more activity in regards to crop circles as May was a bit of a bust. I think the aliens must have been a little wary of the ongoing pandemic… The first formation to arrive was a circle…

Destination Unknown: The Crop Circle 2020 Season Begins

Originally posted on Circular State of Mind:
The design, the first in the UK this season and this decade is a big shout-out to the NHS and Key Workers, according to some who seem to know a lot about it. It is a great design with some elements seen in…

Crop Circles 2020: Cley Hill

Originally posted on Circular State of Mind:
(c) Stonehenge Dronescapes Well, the aliens seem to have no respect for global pandemics as the recent spare of crop circles can attest. This one is allegedly at Cley Hill but considering the lockdown restrictions it might be wiser to look at the…

Destination Unknown II: Covid Crop Circle?

Originally posted on Circular State of Mind:
? A formation everyone is claiming to be influenced by the current pandemic has appeared. Again, the location is a mystery to prevent a rush of people visiting. However, rumours persist that it is in the Avebury locale. To prevent the spread of…

De Vulkaan – Achter De Schermen Bij Robbert Van Den Broeke, Deel VI

Originally posted on Parameter:
Inhoud Robbert Stan, Alan en anderen Voetnoten Dit blog is ook gepubliceerd op mijn Leeuwenharten WordPress. Als u zich afvraagt waarom dit toch aanzienlijke onderdeel ook op de Leeuwenharten website verschijnt: dit is een belangrijk deel van mijn leven en het heeft als zodanig ook een…

The Volcano – Behind The Scenes Of Robbert Van Den Broeke, Part VI

Originally posted on Parameter:
Content Robbert Stan, Alan and others Footnotes This blog is also published on my Lion Hearts WordPress. If you wonder why this extensive piece also appears there: this is an important part of my life and it really has an impact. Moreover, it has a very…

Ascension – Lion Hearts VIII

Originally posted on Lion Hearts:
Rob Nanninga\’s last address in The Netherlands: Westerkade 20. Constantia Oomen\’s last address in The Netherlands: Weststraat 20. 20+20 2020 Publication date 5-20-2020, in the Netherlands + 9h: 5-21-2020 (Ascension Day 2020) Content (2019-)2020 Gym blues Plans for the Netherlands Magical Realism continues Robbert and…

Hemelvaart – Leeuwenharten VIII

Originally posted on Leeuwenharten:
Rob Nanninga\’s laatste adres in Nederland: Westerkade 20. Constantia Oomen\’s laatste adres in Nederland: Weststraat 20. 20+20 2020 Publicatiedatum 20-5-2020, in Nederland +9uur: 21-5-2020 (Hemelvaartsdag 2020) Inhoud (2019-)2020 Sportschool blues Plannen voor Nederland Magisch Realisme gaat door Robbert en Stan (en anderen) Robbert Stan en Alan…

Quantum Entanglement – Lion Hearts VII

Originally posted on Lion Hearts:
CALL WONDERS GROUP (alias Rob Nanninga) Content The magic-realistic Live Photo in Davis-Ivy Town Quantum Reality and Quantum Entanglement Snert particles! New media files! Gallery Space and Quantum Entanglement Footnotes The magic-realistic Live Photo in Davis-Ivy Town The photo blog kicks off with an…

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