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THROUGH THE WINDOW – Out-of-body experiences

When Sten Oomen had her first out-of-body experience, she was 18 years old. Neither in her direct surroundings nor in her circles of friends and acquaintances could she find any information about what had happened to her. Because of the fact that this peculiar and sometimes even scary event kept repeating itself, she decided to keep a diary in which she noted all her experiences, feelings and visualizations. Just what are out-of-body experiences? Most people do not have them consciously, but more often remember a vivid and realistic dream. Sometimes they wake up with an intense falling sensation, which signifies the astral body returning to the physical body. When dreaming stops, the out-of-body experience often begins.

THROUGH THE WINDOW is based on the notes kept in Oomen’s diary and offers a complete picture of her personal out-of-body experiences, illustrated with many examples and inspiring illustrations in black and white. In the first part of the book, she describes the surroundings where one arrives upon leaving the physical body. The second part contains her personal experiences in addition to extensive research on the various types of out-of-body experiences, and the circumstances under which they occur.

THROUGH THE WINDOW is a captivating and clarifying account of authentic experiences and an attempt at scientific research on this phenomenon, similar to the well-known study of Robert Monroe. This book legitimizes the much disputed subject of out-of-body experiences and is of great support to anyone who is familiar with them.

Product Details
THROUGH THE WINDOW – Out-of-Body Experiences
Paperback, 376 pages
5.6 x 8.5 inches
With illustrations by the author
Schors 2004 (+ Sigma Press 2000)
ISBN 978-90-655612-7-5


THROUGH THE GATE – Experiences With Astral Love

THROUGH THE GATE describes erotic experiences during the out-of-body state; a yet-unexplored area within the realm of dream and out-of-body studies. Sten Oomen describes astral love in all its forms, including the connection with tantra. This book represents a unique and fascinating review of a very special phenomenon.

THROUGH THE GATE sheds light on ancient mystical experiences. Readers with similar experiences will discover that this phenomenon doesn’t only happen to them. Several stories in this book offer firsthand testimony of astral love, and this will help the individual reader to determine how to deal with these experiences and get the best out of them.

Lastly, THROUGH THE GATE contains a comparison of earthly and astral relationships and useful tips. Discover how strong astral eroticism can work as an engine in your spiritual development.

This book is the follow-up of THROUGH THE WINDOW — Out-of-Body Experiences (2004, second revised edition).
Product Details
THROUGH THE GATE – Experiences With Astral Eroticism
Paperback, 160 pages
5.5 x 8.3 inches
With illustrations by the author
DHR Soul Travel 2007
ISBN 978-90-810098-6-7

THROUGH THE NIGHT – Practical Do-Book For Out-of-Body Experiences

THROUGH THE NIGHT is a practical guide that explains the phenomenon of out-of-body experiences and how everyone can get started consciously. Oomen’s latest book takes away the mystery that enshrouds the phenomenon and reveals how to make it work for you.

THROUGH THE NIGHT contains 24 techniques and includes beautiful illustrations. With practical worksheets, two elaborate out-of-body scripts and simple exercises, the reader can get straight to work. The many tips will provide the self-confidence necessary to do so.

THROUGH THE NIGHT is a unique complement to previous publications by the author on the same subject. With her views and broad experience, she provides a bold and revolutionary step towards the scientific investigation of this phenomenon, which has been reported throughout history around the world but has never been so thoroughly examined.

Previous books by Sten Oomen include THROUGH THE WINDOW — Out-of-Body Experiences (2004, second revised edition) and THROUGH THE GATE – Experiences with Astral Love (2007).

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Product Details
THROUGH THE NIGHT – Practical Do-Book For Out-of-Body Experiences
Full color paperback, 128 pages
6.9 x 9.4 inches
85 illustrations
DHR Soul Travel 2008
ISBN 978-90-813151-1-1


THROUGH HEAVEN – Everybody Has Wings

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“Once you lived in heaven.” Thus begins THROUGH HEAVEN, the first children’s book by Sten Oomen, but a book for all ages as well. This beautifully illustrated work shows you why we travel through heaven at night, and sometimes during the day. Kids can read this book with their parents or other adults while talking about their experiences traveling through heaven.

For whom is this book intended?

Everyone has wings! You’re not alone when you travel by night or day on invisible wings through the sky. When, why and how do people travel outside their own bodies? And what can you see during a near-death experience? THROUGH HEAVEN answers these and other questions. This book is for anyone who has been there before and for anyone who wants to be well-prepared when it happens again in the future.

Previous books by Constantia Oomen include THROUGH THE WINDOW – Out-of-Body Experiences (2004, second revised edition), THROUGH THE GATE (2007), and THROUGH THE NIGHT (2008). These three books are all about out-of-body experiences.

Constantia Oomen is a teacher and writer.

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Product Details
THROUGH HEAVEN – Everybody Has Wings
Children nine years and older (younger if read to by a parent or guardian)
Full color hardcover, 32 pages
8.5 x 8.5 inches
DHR Soul Travel 2011

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