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So Much Rob/Bor Lion Love!

Lion Hearts

May 21, 2018 A new Rob/Bor Lion Photos Gallery (not necessarily in chronological order), because I take so many pictures and many are very precious to me. I tried to make a good selection as I still have many more! I love these Rob/Bor lions so much, I couldn’t possibly find ways to explain or say how much, but this Rob Lion Love is truly extreme. I see it as Rob Nanninga’s gift of love to me. If you love these lions and photos too, then it is also a bit of his gift to you.

Rob and The Lions 💘 Constantia

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Rob/ Bor Lions, Inner Crew, Octuplet!

Lion Hearts

Magician Rob Lion arriving on April 12, 2018! Number 8, making the Septuplet an Octuplet!

I purchased him on April 9, 2018, so he was quick to come home to me. On arrival day and while unwrapping him, his name popped up immediately, “The Magician”! 🎩 🎇

On the day he arrived, I went for a cycling spin later that day, and Magician Rob was immediately at it, because I found 5 very worn-down one-dollar coins – nowadays no usual payment currency – lying on the middle of a road in Vacaville. They were so worn down I just assumed they were Quarters. Later I read in Wikipedia that this is a common mistake. I decided to take them home anyway. At home I found out they were one dollar each. Close to the spot I found the coins, I found a winning scratcher (lottery ticket) worth $3

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De brul – Leeuwenharten Deel V

Leeuwenharten COMPLEET, Deel I – V. Lees dit ware verhaal!


Originele publicatiedatum: 7 april 2018

Voor altijd aan elkaar verbonden: Rob en ik. Een beeld spreekt duizend woorden en dit beeld vertelt het hele verhaal. 🖇

tl;dr – 2017 Is een jaar voorbij extremen geweest, en de tendens zet zich voort in 2018, de plush leeuwen en ik: een kosmische brul in het hier en nu en in een multiversum zonder einde. Mijn huwelijk met J is beëindigd: ik ben gescheiden. 


Deel I: De brul

Deel: Brullende gebeurtenissen

Raptures: Orgastische uitbarstingen

Uittredingen en droom- en verwante ervaringen

Het wish-you-were-here-liedje
De insluiting
De plotselinge sprong
Rob komt te voorschijn
Lucht-springende leeuwen
Bij Rob intrekken
Rob in de lucht
De niet veganistische lolly met het fluitje
Erecte staart
De schapenhoeders

Opvallende zaken apart benoemd

Grappige houdingen
Muziek en liefdesliedjes
Zoeken Vice Versa
Dichte materie
Helend effect
Wordt steeds beter!
Astrale erotiek

Rob reist naar me toe!


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Free download/reading of my children’s book, “Through Heaven”/”Door De Hemel”

Hi ya'all. My precious children's book "Through Heaven" - Dutch "Door De Hemel" - has been lying on the virtual bookshelf for way too long. For people who don't know its history, let me recap in short. It was planned as a hardcover and full-color paper book, but when two investing parties unfortunately withdrew, and I myself … Continue reading Free download/reading of my children’s book, “Through Heaven”/”Door De Hemel”