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Free download/reading of my children’s book, “Through Heaven”/”Door De Hemel”

Hi ya’all.

My precious children’s book “Through Heaven” – Dutch “Door De Hemel” – has been lying on the virtual bookshelf for way too long.

For people who don’t know its history, let me recap in short. It was planned as a hardcover and full-color paper book, but when two investing parties unfortunately withdrew, and I myself hadn’t the cash available to print it, it lay silently waiting and contemplating on the virtual bookshelf. That was until Daniel came along and said he could make an iTunes app out of it. And he did, and for a real good price too.

It was proudly entering through the iTunes store doors, available in Dutch and English, and people starting buying it (for only $0.99). But after a while, this unpleasant thing with Apple and iTunes started.

2011-2012, I was in the midst of my Netherlands-USA immigration and had become a permanent resident in the USA by means of my winning a green card in the USA Diversity Lottery. Meanwhile, as of March 29, 2017, I have become a US citizen. But Apple just couldn’t digest my new status, that is, my new address and move to the US, for some reason, and my app was slipping away in their incredibly rigid, rickety system.

I had to email and call them over 50 times (yes, you read that right) and had to repeat the same story for hours on end, over and over again. Different customer care people all asking me to tell the story again and again and promising they would fix it. They never did and my beautiful children’s  book app was pulled by Apple from the iTunes store. I still resent Apple over this; their customer service must be the worst worldwide of all existing big companies.

So, in the spirit of Marx or Rob Nanninga or whomever favors the idea of easy accessibility (count me in), here’s the children’s book, again, for free. I did offer it for free some years ago already, and I will do that again.

If you are a publisher and interested in publishing this, I have all ready print versions available, because I did it all by myself in InDesign and then, out of it, evolved the ready for lift-off, printer version. And please note that it was already okayed by an established printer in the Netherlands, so all technical requirements are met!

THROUGH HEAVEN – Everybody Has Wings

*** Was available as iTunes app ***

“You used to live in heaven” Thus begins THROUGH HEAVEN, the first children’s book by Constantia Oomen, but a book for all ages as well. This beautifully illustrated work shows you why we travel through heaven at night, and sometimes during the day. Kids can read this book with their parents or other adults while talking about their experiences traveling through heaven.

For whom is this book intended?

Everyone has wings! You’re not alone when you travel by night or day on invisible wings through the sky. When, why and how do people travel outside their own bodies? And what can you see during a near-death experience? THROUGH HEAVEN answers these and other questions. This book is for anyone who has been there before and for anyone who wants to be well-prepared when it happens again in the future.

DOOR DE HEMEL – Iedereen Heeft Vleugels

“Vroeger woonde je in de hemel” Zo begint DOOR DE HEMEL, het eerste kinderboek van Constantia Oomen, dat ook een boek voor alle leeftijden is. De schitterende kleurenplaten en teksten in dit boek laten je zien waarom je ‘s nachts – of soms overdag – in een heel licht lichaam door de hemel reist. Je kunt dit boek ook samen met je ouders of verzorgers lezen en daarbij over jouw/jullie hemelervaringen praten.

Voor wie is dit boek bedoeld?

Iedereen heeft vleugels! Je bent niet de enige die ‘s nachts of overdag op onzichtbare vleugels door de hemel reist. Bij welke gelegenheid, waarom en hoe treden mensen uit hun lichaam? En wat kun je bijvoorbeeld zien tijdens een bijna-doodervaring? DOOR DE HEMEL geeft antwoord op deze en andere vragen. Dit boek is voor iedereen die het al eens meegemaakt heeft en voor iedereen die goed voorbereid wil zijn als het in de toekomst een keer (of vaker) gebeurt.

 -> THROUGH HEAVEN – smartphone tablet

DownloadKnopEng_high -> THROUGH HEAVEN – computer

DownloadKnopNL -> DOOR DE HEMEL – smartphone tablet

DownloadKnopNL_high -> DOOR DE HEMEL – computer