Children’s book THROUGH HEAVEN available now!

Added on: 10/24/2011 07:10 pm

I can write a long epistle and I can also put it briefly.  Well…

My children’s book THROUGH HEAVEN is finally published after being put on hold for more than two years (it was like that with THROUGH THE WINDOW, that would have been published in 1997, but didn’t see the light of publish day until 2000). In true spirit of the times, this book has the scoop in the virtual world, it’s available in the iTunes Store as iPhone and iPad app!

Don’t hold back for money’s sake: it’s only $0.99! You get the whole book for it! (including music and more!)

With thanks to – among others – the following people 

Daniël Benjamins (apps)
Andrew Maggiore (English translation)
Big John (Jeroen Post) (IT and overall backup)

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