Ascension – Lion Hearts VIII

Enjoy in this crazy, amazing year 2020!

Lion Hearts

Rob Nanninga's last address in The Netherlands: Westerkade 20. 
Constantia Oomen's last address in The Netherlands: Weststraat 20. 
20+20 2020
Publication date 5-20-2020, in the Netherlands + 9h: 5-21-2020 (Ascension Day 2020)



Gym blues
Plans for the Netherlands

Magical Realism continues

Robbert and Stan

Stan and Alan


The Brakes


Rob Nanninga quotes

Gallery 2020



A year that leaves no stone unturned! To change our life. This planet’s life? To change my life? Nature-endorsed! Or so it seems. The odds are turning in a dramatic way. A pandemic. And no clairvoyant (if they exist) predicted that. This is Lion Hearts VIII with mostly a daily-life update, so not so much about dreams and out-of-body experiences.

I am not in contact with my ex at the moment. I did jump out of an airplane with him on June 13, 20191

My unemployment status is…

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