Crop Circles 2020: May & June Review

Circular State of Mind

June started to see a little more activity in regards to crop circles as May was a bit of a bust. I think the aliens must have been a little wary of the ongoing pandemic…


The first formation to arrive was a circle that many claimed was a shout-out to the NHS and key workers, who have battled valiantly throughout the Covid19 pandemic. Originally the formation’s location was a mystery to dissuade flocks of people coming to stand and look and potentially share germs. The formation was actually in Somerset (Rocky Hill, nr Kingdon) but it was quickly forgotten once the “Covid 19” formation appeared. This formation, looking slightly bacterial like, was pounced upon in a similar fashion as the fake Covid19/Microsoft formation which had been doing the rounds on social media. The formation wasn’t universally welcomed but I liked the fact that the design wasn’t bound by symmetry or…

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