Quantum Entanglement – Lion Hearts VII

Happy Birthday, Rob Nanninga! (August 6, 2019!)

Lion Hearts

CALL WONDERS GROUP (=Rob Nanninga) CALL WONDERS GROUP (alias Rob Nanninga)


The magic-realistic Live Photo in Davis-Ivy Town

Quantum Reality and Quantum Entanglement

Snert particles!

New media files!

Gallery Space and Quantum Entanglement


The magic-realistic Live Photo in Davis-Ivy Town

The photo blog kicks off with an iPhone 7+ Live Photo as shot on November 21, 2018, in Davis – Ivy Town. I only discovered the photo on May 31, 2019; indeed, exactly 5 years and a day after Rob Nanninga‘s passing on May 30, 2014. Somehow I must have overlooked it for more than half a year.

My iPhone 7+ and iPad Air 2 (but strangely not my MacBook Pro) stubbornly keep referring to my residence Davis as “Davis – Ivy Town“. Finally, I looked it up (I don’t know why I did this so late) and have to say the reason amuses me, because obviously my Apple devices…

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