Darkwood – The Emergency Stop


This blog is also published on Lion Hearts and Leeuwenharten

Sometimes you don’t write a blog for fun, but because you have to. To chase the darkness away. From the Cosmos, with Love.

After Rob Nanninga‘s death I started to think: is there still a soul mate of Rob and me on the earth? Since Rob and I started with the Darkwood neofolk music-wise, my mind started to fan in that direction. Could it be that Henryk Vogel from Darkwood was our soul mate? The impact of the isolating pandemic made me extremely lonely and made this hermit crawl out of her shell. I started addressing him almost exclusively on Darkwood’s Facebook Messenger. Then something very strange began to unfold. He didn’t answer for a whole year. To my delight, a “seen” eye with date and time of seeing appeared on Facebook every now and then, but not anymore…

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