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December 11, 2022

This is the last straw. Elon Musk is now actively promoting Donald Trump on Twitter this weekend. Mastodon is no option (it feels so dark in there, just dark, not dark dark), so I will start writing some updates here, have to figure out how to proceed. This was cycling around lovely Davis today. Bought a colorful wreath at Trader Joe’s. Hope it will spread joy and bring good luck! And wow, do you see that Lion’s head in the sky at the Dave Pelz Bike Overpass Bridge photo? It’s Rob Nanninga, roaring and laughing! Always there with his love and support.
I photograph and digitize in this way my +-350 diaries these months, so there is no factual chance I will or could get bored. I am creating physical space (and mental peace!) this way.

January 29, 2023
A new blog is in the making and yes, even a new website is booked. Finalized digitizing my exactly 350 diaries on 1-23-2023 (yes, nice double, huh) … Enough material to fill an entire website. Stay tuned!