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Quantum Entanglement – Lion Hearts VII

Happy Birthday, Rob Nanninga! (August 6, 2019!)

Lion Hearts

CALL WONDERS GROUP (=Rob Nanninga) CALL WONDERS GROUP (alias Rob Nanninga)


The magic-realistic Live Photo in Davis-Ivy Town

Quantum Reality and Quantum Entanglement

Snert particles!

New media files!

Gallery Space and Quantum Entanglement


The magic-realistic Live Photo in Davis-Ivy Town

The photo blog kicks off with an iPhone 7+ Live Photo as shot on November 21, 2018, in Davis – Ivy Town. I only discovered the photo on May 31, 2019; indeed, exactly 5 years and a day after Rob Nanninga‘s passing on May 30, 2014. Somehow I must have overlooked it for more than half a year.

My iPhone 7+ and iPad Air 2 (but strangely not my MacBook Pro) stubbornly keep referring to my residence Davis as “Davis – Ivy Town“. Finally, I looked it up (I don’t know why I did this so late) and have to say the reason amuses me, because obviously my Apple devices…

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Kwantumverstrengeling – Leeuwenharten Deel VII

Happy Birthday, Rob Nanninga! (August 6, 2019!)




De magisch-realistische Live foto in Davis-Ivy Town



Nieuwe mediabestanden!

Galerij Ruimte en Kwantumverstrengeling


De magische Live foto in Davis-Ivy Town

Dit blog bijt de spits af met een specifieke iPhone 7+ Live foto zoals ik die maakte op 21 november 2018 in “Davis-Ivy Town”. Ik ontdekte de foto pas op 31 mei 2019, jawel, precies 5 jaar en één dag na Rob Nanninga‘s overlijden op 30 mei 2014. Ik heb de foto voor meer dan een half jaar over het hoofd gezien.

Zowel mijn iPhone 7+ als mijn iPad Air 2 (maar vreemd genoeg niet mijn MacBook Pro) blijven mijn woonplaats Davis koppig “Davis – Ivy Town” noemen. Toen ik dit eindelijk eens een keer opzocht (ik weet niet waarom ik dit pas zo laat deed), maakte de informatie die ik vond me aan het glimlachen, aangezien…

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Steppin’ Out With My Baby 🕺🏽 – Leeuwenharten VI

Leeuwenliefde update 2018 en 2019!


Plaats: Another Davis, California
Datum: Zondag 27 mei 2018

Rob, middelbare leeftijd, en Constantia staan in de keuken in Another Davis. Rob draagt zijn huiselijke schort.
Rob zegt: "We gaan koekjes bakken voor je verjaardag." Constantia: "Maar ik ben niet jarig." Rob: "Dat weet ik, maar dat maakt niet uit."


Deel I: “Steppin’ Out With My Baby, Can’t Go Wrong Cause I’m In Right”

Another Davis

Let’s get physical


Deel II: Robs en Constantia’s Steppin’ Outs


Uittredingen en verwante ervaringen


Deel I “Steppin’ Out With My Baby, Can’t Go Wrong Cause I’m In Right”

Het slow-motion gedeelte, waarin de magie door het dak gaat:

Steppin’ Out With My Baby, Easter Parade (film)

Toen ik op 6 januari 2019de herkomst van dit nummer ging opzoeken en bij Fred Astaire én deze fantastische clip belandde, wist ik meteen dat ik mijn nieuwe titel voor Leeuwenharten…

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Steppin’ Out With My Baby 🕺 – Lion Hearts VI

Roar, just jumped online. With updates of 2018 and 2019!

Lion Hearts

Location: Another Davis, California
Date: Sunday, May 27, 2018

Rob, middle aged, and Constantia are in the kitchen in Another Davis. Rob wears his homely apron.
Rob says, "We're going to bake cookies for your birthday." Constantia: "But it's not my birthday." Rob: "I know that, but that doesn't matter."


Part I: “Steppin’ Out With My Baby, Can’t Go Wrong Cause I’m In Right”

Another Davis

Let’s get physical

On the crook side

Part II: Robs en Constantia’s Steppin’ Outs


OBEs and related experiences


Part I “Steppin’ Out With My Baby, Can’t Go Wrong Cause I’m In Right”

The slow-motion part, where the magic goes through the roof:

Steppin’ Out With My Baby, Easter Parade (film)

When I looked up the origin of this performance on 6 January 2019 and found Fred Astaire and this fantastic clip, I immediately knew that I had found my…

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Robbert van den Broeke: Behind the scenes

Circular State of Mind

Often when people see Robbert van den Broeke (RvdB) he is trying to pass off a rough-looking crop circle or some psychic phenomena as evidence of his paranormal abilities. Of course, those who have had up-close dealing with RvdD can attest that things aren’t quite what they seem. This article documents the behind the scenes machinations of people trying to further the career of RvdB.

It is quite a in-depth read, but before people start hailing RvdB as some sort of psychic, they need to grasp the full-story. Sadly, I doubt many of them will. The full story can be found here.

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Lion Hearts has arrived

Added on: 01/09/2017 06:01 pm

I can keep it short this time: Lion Hearts has finally arrived. It’s part IV of my Rob Nanninga sequel. It now really feels like I’m back writing books. Who knows, time will tell.

Here it is: Lion Hearts

New WordPress “Lion Hearts”

Added on: 11/20/2016 06:11 pm

Hi there. 

Several recent updates considering, all about this one, upcoming blog… It seemed better to post this update separately, to tell you about another WordPress domain I started, to combine and publish all blogs about Rob Nanninga. It seemed better that way.

I have decided to publish my fourth Rob Nanninga blog, titled “Lion Hearts” on January 1, 2017. Meanwhile, you can (re)read the previous three parts here: – consider it a book in the making, and hence don’t expect it to be a “hurried encounter”.


Promise to publish two new blogs soon

Added on: 03/31/2016 12:03 pm

Update July 16, 2016

Check back soon and have a sneak preview with a couple of photos (click on: “Read on”).

As it turns out, not one, but two new blogs will soon be published at the same time: one update about Lion Rob Nanninga and one about Jeroen and me living the Dream (in the States).

Update October 15, 2016: “So when is this Lion blog coming? And when this update blog about living in the States? You announced them in March 2016 already?” Uh yeah, that’s true.

It’s that thing about the lions blog. Maybe I should replace the word “blog” by “book in the making”. Uh oh.  It keeps expanding, due to lots of photos too. I’m afraid, my verbosity is preceding me. And my hesitation continues to play out. It’s all about Rob Nanninga and cuddling plush lions and I am not a kid anymore, right? Uh, well… uh… Being an Original never was a problem to me, so I guess what’s coming next shouldn’t be any “stranger” than what I published before, though it’s not the same.

Maybe a few critics are sharpening their knives in advance, maybe even hungry to bite my head off? Think carefully before doing so, because to me, this is not a frivolous game and it never has been. But if you still want to do it, well, I can’t stop you. If you want to fight love, just give it your best shot. 

My blog, “book in the making”, about Rob Nanninga and the lions is at an advanced state, maybe only a couple of days or week (or two) or so left before it’s finished. That doesn’t guarantee I will publish it as soon as it is ready. It’s not something I do lightheartedly. And I’m still not sure about it.

Meanwhile, here’s a part of my Rob (Nanninga) Lions. They all have the same name: Rob or Bor.
Up to date (October 15, 2016), I have acquired 31 34 plush lions (and counting). 

Behind the scenes of Robbert van den Broeke

Added on: 07/28/2015 11:07 am


I have been following the whereabouts of Dutch ‘medium’ Robbert van den Broeke since 2004-2005. In between, you could already read about it in a previous blog. After Rob Nanninga’s passing (read previous blogs), things accelerated in a rapid pace, and then something awful happened: my computer and cell phone got hacked by Robbert van den Broeke’s alleged hacker. For people who have no idea what I’m talking about: not to worry, I’ll fill you in.

After initial shock, I realized, I had to describe the nasty life and times of Robbert van den Broeke and his closest buddy, and partner in crime, Stan Pluijmen in full detail, to inform and warn other people, but even this long blog I then wrote in about a week’s time, couldn’t cover it all . Still, I gave it a good shot. Long read:

Behind the scenes of Robbert van den Broeke
Achter de schermen bij Robbert van den Broeke (Dutch)